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Matcha stick a In Tè Bologna Festival 2018

San Grams, organic Matcha at the Italian Tea Festival 2018

Among the exhibitors of In Tè Bologna Festival 2018, the Italian tea Festival, do not miss San Grams, the organic Matcha sticks directly from Japan. Do you want to know more about it?

San Grams are single dose sachets of organic green tea powder Matcha, designed for every moment of your day, wherever you will desire a cup of high quality tea.

Each stick contains 1.5 g of precious powder, selected pesticides and chemical fertilizers free in the prefecture of Shizuoka, the most important green tea production area all over Japan.

How to use?

The advice is to pour one San Grams stick in warm water (100 cc/80° C) and stir with the Cha-sen (bamboo whisk) until tea foams. If you are not at home (office, travel, gym,…), pour two San Grams sticks in a half-liter bottle, shake and enjoy your Matcha whenever and wherever you want.

Are you looking for a delicious tea dessert? Simply pour San Grams Matcha on vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

What comes to mind when you think of tea?

Tea is connections with people.
We have a culture to drink Green tea especially our staying area.
Shizuoka prefecture is the biggest growing green tea area in Japan.
So once we drink green tea during and after meal with family.
On another occasion, we feast one’s guests by Green Tea.
A person is in the place with the tea.

Actually our retail shop name has similar meaning.
This name is “san-grams”.
This mean same as “Three(3) grams”.

When we assess green tea from farmers by only three grams even if we decide to buy several tons of green tea.
So we are connected farmers and consumer connect with this 3 grams green tea.



San Grams workshop: February 10th 2018 at 14.45 in the workshop room.

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