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Jiujiang International Famous Tea and Spring Expo 2019

We attented the first edition of the Jiujiang International Famous Tea and Spring Expo, an exhibition and an international forum focused on the world of tea and the importance of water, two elements of pride for the city of Jiujiang, in the province of Jiangxi . Located on the southern shores of the Yangtze River, Jiujiang, has always been an important port and a place of attraction for artists, philosophers and poets, fascinated by the mountain overlooking the city, the Lushan. And here, on the green slopes of the mountain, there are three of the most important springs in China (Gulian, Zhaoyin and Longchishui) and several tea plantations.

Water, climate, soil, beauty. These are the elements that make Lushan teas special, mellow, not overly astringent. And these are the elements that emerged from the 2019 Forum in Jiujiang. City that wants to establish itself in the tourism sector, also focusing on tea. In this regard, six tourist routes have been created that include tastings, cultural and naturalistic visits:

  • the Dreaming Tour of the Famous Tea and Spring
  • Humanity Holy Mountain Tour for Famous Tea and Springs
  • Vacation Tour for poems and Paintings, Tea and Study
  • Visiting Meditation Tour
  • Searching for Ancient Tea Tour
  • Jiujiang Tea Market Tour
Lushan Fog and Cloud Tea Plantation


During the inauguration ceremony, Ian Gibbs from the International Tea Committee recalled that Chinese tea is gaining more and more popularity all over the world. Also due to the growing attention to speciality teas. He then highlighted the importance of some increasingly markets, such as the Italian one. This was also underlined by the Italian senator Raffaele Fantetti who pointed out that the tea market in Italy has a growth margin of 22%. Consumers are looking for quality teas, like the Chinese one.

The famous tea and spring culture forum
The Famous Tea and Spring Culture Forum


One of the most famous Jiujiang teas is called Lushan Yunwu, a green tea that during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) and Song (960 – 1279) was used as a tribute. Equally rewarded and appreciated is Ninghong black tea.

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