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Anna Poian parlerà del tè matcha a In Tè Bologna Tè Festival

Anna Poian and the secrets of Matcha at Italian Tea Festival

Passionate almost to obsession with the whole Asia tea region, Anna Poian loves to explore the lands, the people and the huge variety of experiences that tea can offer.

From centuries’ old traditions to new trends, from agriculture in stunning nature to health benefits and human interactions, from ability of human hands in transforming the leaves into stunning crafts to millions of delicate different brews: this peculiar plant is an ever-ending source of amusement.

After spending a few months working and learning at the inspiring Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms in Japan, in 2016 Anna decided to keep her life focused on tea, especially the “mindful” ones.

She is currently living in Spain and developing tea education projects of different sorts, one of which is the creation of the Global Japanese Tea Association in Europe.

Matcha workshop for Italian Tea Festival 2018

Matcha is one of the most traditional teas in Japan and even evolved into a way of life. Nowadays is suddenly booming: can be found in different forms and is very much spoken because of its health benefits.
What really is matcha, where does it come from and how is it produced?
What is true or not about it?
How can we be sure the what we buy is the real thing?
Everything you wanna (and should) know about the mighty super green powder.

What comes to mind when you think of tea?

The plant, the beautiful bright leaves, millions of it, together tight or scattered around in beautiful surroundings and stunning views. A calm state of mind.


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